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6 challenges you need to combat to become a successful Entrepreneur

6 challenges you need to combat to become a successful Entrepreneur

Thinking of starting your new venture, you must plan yourself for these 6 challenges you need to combat to become a successful Entrepreneur. We have summed up these challenges after discussion with startups, professionals and emerging entrepreneurs.

6 challenges you need to combat to become a successful Entrepreneur


It is the fuel for your business, so capital is the first thing you need to have to start your venture. Any business even if it is small or medium-sized, you need to invest your sweat money to kick start. Once you have hit the road, you may explore other secured or unsecured options.



Now presuming you have arranged the funds from your family or friends, you would need a place of business from where you would be operating. The real estate costs in India is high so it eats up substantial amount from your running costs of business.



Knowledge, both technical and business is required to become successful and achieve dominance in your business domain. It helps you to get customers easy and deliver quality in the work.


Brand Backing

Most of the customers prefer to buy from a brand because of trust, responsibility and good. The companies invest huge money to build brands that resonate to the customers.


Acquiring Customers

You don’t get customers by chance, you need to have a firm strategy to find and acquire the customers. It is one of the most important aspects that need to be thought at a very early stage during the business plan phase. Customers bring revenue and drive the whole business.


Market Competition

Successful doesn’t mean you are able to run your business, it also needs the right skills to beat the competition. Competition would enter once you have established yourself. Also depends on the competitiveness of the industry, you may face it in the starting as well.


Going through all the above challenges you may face when you start your venture.


It could be at times discouraging.


Most of the entrepreneurs phase out at the early stage only.


Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist

For all of the aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to invest their time and effort and yet work like Entrepreneurs,

Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist is the answer.


With Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist Program, you can become an entrepreneur by overcoming all these challenges with ease, along with earnings of upto Rs. 75000 per seller you launch.


You don’t need capital. All you have to invest is, in a training program to get certified by Amazon India and enrol into this program.


You don’t need to have an infrastructure. You can work from home or any other place you feel convenient. No need to spend on infrastructure.


You will get Knowledge during the training program from the fundamentals of E-commerce to Launching the sellers and managing their accounts, all of it.


Amazon India is a powerful brand with highest market share. As an ATES, you are working with Amazon India as a Freelancer/Business consultant. So, a strong band is backing you when you reach out to the sellers.


With Amazon at the back, this is no more a challenge. You need to source the leads from any channel. Amazon provides you leads as and when available. This is the only effort you need to put while working with Amazon India as an ATES.


Market Competition doesn’t come into play as it is a huge market. We all know the population of India is huge, the number of registered businesses is more than 20 Lakhs that could be launched on Amazon platform as a third-party seller. Presently, only approx. 3 lakh sellers are present on Amazon. So, the gap is huge and is a potential for all ATES.


So, go ahead and take the best decision for your life to become Entrepreneur, become Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist.

Also, if you have a burning desire to build passive income/part-time money while working at the job, you must consider becoming Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES)

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