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7 hot business ideas for Startups

7 hot business ideas

Its startup frenzy and you also want to start your own startup that gives you freedom and money both. I have listed down 7 hot business ideas for startups that can give you sure shot success if you do the right way. It’s important that you don’t expect to become a millionaire in a year because getting success for a startup is a gradual process and it would take a lot of efforts and investment to achieve your dream. I understand when we start we like to keep our investment to minimal to keep our resources for bad time so here is the list that requires minimal investment but little more efforts. You must choose anyone out of the list based on your interests and passion, it would go long way. Imagine you are passionate about something and if you make it your bread and butter, you can’t stop success following you.

Business ideas for startups

  1. Travel Agency

For people who are interested to know about places and building an itinerary for travel, you can choose this idea. You can get a franchise of popular travel agency and start working under their umbrella. It would be helpful if you are new to this industry. You could get great support from franchiser both from a marketing perspective and customer acquisition. You must also have your online presence by having a website in place. There are many companies who provide you access to backend resources like hotels, flight booking and white label for you. From getting an IATA number and business license to a website and a place to work from, there is a lot to do when starting your own travel agent business.

  1. Tuition Center

If you are expert in any subject then you should definitely consider opening a tuition center in your area. Depending on your own educational qualifications, you can teach children of several age groups, and even young adults. It doesn’t need any investment except your time. You can also partner with other subject experts to create a pool. You can also register yourself on various tutoring websites now using technology to deliver coaching to their customers.

  1. Blogging


Blogging needs good content writing skills and if you can write an article that can entice the reader, this business is for you. You would also need to get some skills in how to promote your blog online that is easily available these days. You should get in touch with a website designer who can set up a blog for you if you are finding it hard to do. You need to just spend in getting a domain name and web hosting and you are set for blogging.

  1. Photography


Needless to say, you should know and passionate about photography in order to venture in this idea. In case you don’t, register for the best photography course in your area. You need to invest in a right high-quality camera and hang around it become an expert. You also need to think about the kind of portfolio you would like to work on. Once you are ready to click good photographs, you can either click photographs for any event or click photographs and sell them online.

  1. Online courses

E-learning is in a growth phase right now in India and it would be a good idea to build your online course, could be a video or ebook. You can use affiliate network to sell your courses online or you can even plan to have your own e-learning website. You would need to create a right environment while creating your course so that noise or any other disturbance doesn’t impact the quality.

  1. Tiffin Service

tiffinCookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements. So if you are good at it, tiffin service could help you achieve your dreams. You need to build a menu or you could even just choose the dishes you are good at. You would also need to do marketing in order to get taste buds closer to you. Also, you need to work out some mechanism to deliver the tiffin to your customers.

  1. Social Media Consulting

fingerIndia has world’s largest number of Facebook Users with over 195 million users, overtaking the US by over 4 million subscribers. Isn’t it a great reason to become social media consultant? It is good to acquire some digital marketing skills if you lack them.

The above 7 ideas are not the only ones, but these are the ideas that can certainly help you sustain from the first day of starting the venture. You must have basics of business in mind and you will surely fly. If you need any help in setting up your business, you may get in touch with us.

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