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How much can an AMAZON Certified Ecommerce Specialist (ATES) earn monthly ?

Amazon trained ecommerce specialist ATES Certificate by Progro

We are sure you must be curious to know, how much can an AMAZON Certified Ecommerce Specialist (ATES) payout earn monthly? It is an only Freelance business consulting opportunity in e-commerce that enables you to work at your own free will and time.

Amazon as a conglomerate reaching out to sellers in different regions was not giving the desired effect. Also, there is a big gap between the number of sellers, roughly 3.5 lakh, currently on Amazon.in platform and Registered SMEs (more than 24 lakh) in India. So, Amazon devised ATES program that would provide earning opportunity to Entrepreneurs and in turn also achieves their desired objective.

AMAZON Certified Ecommerce Specialist (ATES) payout

ATES earns in 2 ways:
1. Becoming an entrepreneur – ATES start earning money by launching new sellers and by helping existing sellers to manage their business on Amazon.in | Seller Launch
2.  Post certification an ATES gets an opportunity to  work  with  Amazon sellers  and help  them  launch  and  manage  their account on Amazon.in | Seller Service

When an ATES launches a seller, they are paid by Amazon.in as per the prescribed payout structure. You can earn upto Rs. 75,000 for every seller you launch on Amazon.in.

For Seller L+3M GMS , total sale value of the seller in INR in the first 3 months of Launch, ATES would earn a respective payout.

15K to 30K : Rs. 2,500

30K to 50K: Rs. 4,000

50K to 1Lac: Rs. 7,000

1.01Lac to 2Lacs: Rs. 12,000

2.01Lacs to 3Lacs: Rs. 20,000

3.01Lacs to 5Lacs: Rs. 30,000

5.01Lacs to 8Lacs: Rs. 40,000

8.01Lacs to 10Lacs: Rs. 45,000

10.01Lacs to 12.5Lacs: Rs. 50,000

>12.5Lacs : Rs. 75,000

You will understand the above payout in detail during the ATES certification training.

Also, ATES may charge the seller for support he may require based on their mutual understanding. Amazon.in does not authorize ATES to charge the seller for the support services.
There are examples wherein ATES charge Rs. 3000/- and even Rs. 15000/- that is entirely upto the mutual understanding between an ATES and Seller.

So, If you are on-boarding a new seller, you would get paid by Amazon.in up to Rs. 75,000/seller.  Now after the seller is on-boarded and he sees orders flowing in, you may encourage the seller to opt for your support services at the charge acceptable to the seller.

Now, you have on-boarded 1 seller and you earned Rs. 75,000/-, the formula works. You now on-board more sellers, lets say you are able to on-board 5 more sellers, you can earn up to Rs. 3,75,000/- plus if you charge, say Rs. 3000/- per seller, for the support, you can earn additional Rs. 15,000, that means total Rs. 3,90,000/-. Isn’t it interesting and worth becoming ATES?

It is possible and ATES are earning a lot of money. The highest earning has been Rs. 4,17,000/- per month in the month of Mar’17 and it is increasing further. A lot of people have also transformed this program into a professional firm and on-boarding a large number of sellers to earn huge money.

Do not waste time doubting the potential! Register today to online program http://progro.in/course/amazon-trained-e-commerce-specialist-ates/ , attend from anywhere.

You just need to spare your time, the fee you pay is an investment that can enable you to get a return 10 times in a month,

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