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9 benefits to become Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist, you can’t miss

Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist Benefits

Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) is a first of its kind entrepreneurship program launched by Amazon India, which is aimed at providing business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. This program provides an opportunity to earn money with no limits. Read through Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist Benefits.

Individuals who want to become Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist would have these 9 benefits that 8000+ ATES across India are enjoying.

Earn Money through legitimate way

You would be able to generate income immediately post-training by Amazon certified Master trainer. ATES can generate huge income by enabling offline or online retailers come on-board Amazon.in platform as a seller. For every seller that is on-boarded by ATES, the payout is provided by Amazon.in

Ecommerce Industry

Become the part of the exponentially growing e-commerce industry that provides immense potential and opportunities for growth.

Huge Opportunity

Opportunity to open up a new channel of business for prospective sellers and existing offline retailers by starting their sales on Amazon.in

Domain Knowledge

Post getting the training by Amazon Certified Master trainer, you get deep insight about the industry and technical/operational knowledge about the Amazon.in platform. The knowledge can be used to open a new line of opportunity at your own business or if you are looking out for a job.


One of the factor to become an entrepreneur is to get freedom and flexibility to work your way, you time and your style that is generally missing out when you are working at job for some company. As a freelancer, you are flexible to set your own ways of working. Opportunity to work in one’s own comfort zone without set guidelines

High Growth Potential

Your income while working as ATES is dependent on the skills that you have and the time you are able to invest. Skills required are good communication and sales along with technical knowledge about Ecommerce Industry, specifically Amazon.in platform. So upward, you have an earning potential as high as Rs. 4,17,000 per month. So, actually there is no limit on earnings.


You can work from home and as per your flexible timing. You can set meeting times as per your own convenience. Individual can work as much as  the desire to earn.


An entrepreneurship opportunity without any initial investment. You actually do not need any money to start earning money except the cost of training that is an investment; you can recover within a month by launching a seller.

Certificate by AMAZON.in

Upon the completion of Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist training, you shall be awarded a certificate by Amazon India that would allow you to start earning money as a Freelancer or Entrepreneur.

So go ahead, become Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist in just 2 days before the opportunity ceases.

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