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Become a Progro Associate


Become a Progro Associate

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If you are passionate about helping others while earning as a Freelancer, You should become a Progro Associate. Progro Associate is an earning opportunity for a freelancer or a company who have capability to market the courses offered by us in their territory and skills to counsel the prospective participants to pursue course delivered by Progro. This is a part-time or full time program that should be considered seriously.

We welcome you to our platform to connect with thousands of professionals, help them learn and enable them to achieve growth.

Join us as a Progro Associate

Join us

Once you decide to work as a Progro Associate, you need to Join our program by contacting our team at training@progro.in or call us 8800994741


You need to complete the documents required to start working.

Sign Off

Once you agree to the terms and conditions and comply the documentation as per our guidelines, you need to sign off the documents and submit


After all the steps are complete, you can start working as Progro Associate and earn as a Freelancer