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AMAZON Trained E-Commerce Specialist (ATES)

ATES program Progro

Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) is a first of its kind entrepreneurship program launched by Amazon, which is aimed at providing business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. This program provides an opportunity to earn money with no limits.

According to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2015, there are approximately 27MM sellers1 in India. Over the last 2 years, awareness for e-commerce as a category has increased due to marketing activities of all players. While Indian retailers are getting familiar with online selling and are beginning to participate on marketplaces, a large segment of the sellers that we will work with will be first time online sellers, who would need hand-holding to ease their online transition and is likely to hire individuals who would help them manage their business.

In India, there is no specialized course that exists for an individual to learn about e-commerce marketplace platform. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of public availability and discoverability of easy to consume content that will help individuals learn. This problem is an opportunity too, to tap into this vast universe we have launched a certification program called Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist that would enable individuals to learn and become an expert in online selling.


1. The participants would learn about the E-Commerce industry and AMAZON’s ATES program.
2. Learn to use AMAZON.in’s marketplace platform to support existing retailers, and onboarding new offline retailers.
3. Become Independent E-commerce Entrepreneur


  16 Hours immersive learning                                                                  Learn from Industry Experts

  Free post-training support                                                                        AMAZON Certified Instructors

  1-to-1 doubt sessions                                                                               Focus on practicals


1. Individuals who want to become entrepreneurs by launching and servicing retailers
2. Individuals who want to become entrepreneurs by selling online
3. Individuals who already have an offline retail business and want to start selling online


The program offers the following benefits to the participant –
1. Generating income immediately post-training through self-employment by supporting existing retailers on Amazon.in and onboarding new offline retailers
2. Being part of the exponentially growing e-commerce industry with immense potential
3. Opportunity to open up a new channel of business for prospective sellers and existing offline retailers by starting their sales on Amazon.in.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 30 lessons Time: 2 days
  • Introduction to Ecommerce  0/9

    • Introduction to Amazon
    • Introduction to ATES
    • ATES Payout and Induction
    • ATES – seller services – SPIN technique
    • ATES – seller acquisition – Customer buying cycle
    • Payment process – Channel Play registration
    • Selling on Amazon – Process involved
    • Selling on Amazon registration process
    • Selling on Amazon registration process – Practice session
  • Listing products  0/6

    • If products are already on Amazon -Add a product feature (1×1 upload)
    • If products are already on Amazon – Bulk upload – Add a product via upload – Listing loader
    • Practice session
    • If the products are not on Amazon – Add a product via upload feature – Category specific flat files
    • Flat file template -Clothing flat file for sweater (Small and medium child variations)
    • Practice session
  • Updating Price and Quantity  0/1

    • Price and Quantity single change (using Manage Inventory direct price/quantity change) – Practice session
  • Updating Price and Quantity  0/1

    • Price and Quantity bulk change (using Add a product via upload feature – Price and Quantity inventory file) – Practice session
  • Managing seller account  0/8

    • Update Price and Quantity
    • Promotions
    • Order Management
    • Reporting
    • Manage Returns & Refunds
    • Understanding Seller Performance
    • Understanding A to Z Guarantee Claims
    • Plan of action
  • Evaluation  0/5

    • Classmarker MCQ
    • 1×1 Upload of product using Add a Product
    • Bulk Upload of existing products using Listing loader
    • Price and Quantity 1×1 change using Manage Inventory
    • Bulk update of Price and Quantity using Price and Quantity file




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