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E-commerce Specialist


Training Programme

Designed for aspiring & full-time ‘ENTREPRENEURS’

LEARN the basics to advance level of E-commerce, Covering all the aspects of the business.

The total number of online shoppers is expected to grow 3.5 times to 175 million in 2020 from 50 million in 2015, and about one-third or 33% of customers will drive two-thirds of total shopping.

The base of online sellers will need to grow by more than 5 times to cater to the increase in demand from users across geographies and improve delivery capabilities, especially since product volumes will witness a 10 times growth by 2020.

This course will help you that would cover all the aspects required to establish E-commerce. It’s more than training, we would ensure that you are able to establish E-commerce store smoothly. So, be rest assured you would be backed up by industry leaders who want to see you successful.


  1. The participants would be able to understand the basics of E-commerce
  2. The course would take you to advance level covering all the aspects of E-commerce
  3. Learn about Digital Marketing tools and techniques that would help to boost your business reach, online


  20 Hours immersive learning                                                                  Learn from Industry Experts

  Free post-training support                                                                        Google Certified Instructors

  1-to-1 doubt sessions                                                                               Focus on practicals


This is extremely relevant for aspiring Entrepreneurs, full-time businessmen who are looking ways to expand it online, startups, students, professionals who want to build part-time income using online marketing.


  1. You will have learned all the concepts required to set up your Online Store
  2. You will have running E-commerce site selling the products after you are through with the course
  3. Certificate of completion of the course


By taking up this course you would take the first step towards building your successful online business. Drop in your details for our team to contact you.


Course Curriculum

Total learning: 26 lessons Time: 10 weeks
  • Overview of Electronic Commerce  0/2

    • E-Commerce Industry in India
    • Future of E-commerce and Opportunities
  • Ecommerce: Mechanisms, Infrastructure and Tools  0/5

    • An overview
    • E-marketplaces
    • Customer Shopping Mechanisms: Storefronts, Mall and Portals
    • Merchant Solutions: Ecatalogs, Search Engine and Shopping Carts
    • Auctions, Bartering and Negotiating Online
  • Retailing in Ecommerce  0/5

    • Etailing Business Models
    • Travel and Tourism
    • Employment placement and Job market online
    • Real Estate, Insurance and Stock Trading Online
    • Banking and Personal Finance
  • B2B Ecommerce  0/2

    • Concepts, Characteristics and Models of B2B Ecommerce
    • B2B Portals and Directories
  • M-Commerce  0/1

    • Drivers of Mcommerce
  • Online Marketing and Advertising for Ecommerce  0/3

    • Digital Marketing strategy
    • Market Segmentation
    • Components of Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce Security and Fraud Protection  0/3

    • Security Issues and Landscape
    • Technical Attack Methods
    • Securing Ecommerce Networks
  • E-commerce Payment System  0/2

    • Using Payment cards online
    • Integrating with E-Commerce site
  • Strategy for Ecommerce  0/1

    • Making the venture successful
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework  0/2

    • Overview
    • Do’s and Don’ts




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