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Start your Online Business


Training & Mentorship Programme

Designed for aspiring & full-time ‘ENTREPRENEURS’.


Indian market is expected to reach $64 billion by 2021, growing at a five-year CAGR of 31.2 percent. Why left behind? 

We understand you are not able to decide where to start from. This course will help you that would cover all the aspects required to start an online business. It’s more than training, we would ensure that you are able to run your online store smoothly. So, be rest assured you would be backed up by industry leaders who want to see you successful.


  1. The participants would be able to have BIG IDEA that could be the foundation of their business start-up. Form the objective of their business
  2. Validation of the BIG IDEA and Market analysis followed with the Business Plan
  3. Find the starting point for business and way to progress further
  4. Learn about Digital Marketing tools and techniques that would help to boost your business reach, online
  5. Do’s and Don’t for successful business
  6. An online site would be ready for business
  7. Designing pitch for investor funding, USP of Business



  20 Hours immersive learning                                                                  Learn from Industry Experts

  Free post-training support                                                                        Google Certified Instructors

  1-to-1 doubt sessions                                                                               Focus on practicals


This is extremely relevant for aspiring Entrepreneurs, full-time businessmen who are looking ways to expand it online, startups, students, professionals who want to build part-time income using online marketing.


  1. You will have learned all the concepts required to set up your Online Store
  2. You will have running E-commerce site selling the products after you are through with the course
  3. Certificate of completion of the course


By taking up this course you would take the first step towards building your successful online business. Drop in your details for our team to contact you.



Course Curriculum

Total learning: 37 lessons Time: 20 hours
  • Entrepreneurship in E-Commerce  We start this course with understanding the rationale behind starting your own online business. We understand everyone is excited to start their online store but it is important to understand the nuances of it. We would be covering all concepts of E-commerce while focusing on starting our online business. 0/2

    • E-commerce foundation
    • Opportunities and Market potential
  • BIG idea and its Validation  When we venture into the business we need an idea that can resonate the stakeholders and excite them to get into it. Before that it is important to have lot of ideas and a mind that is creative. In this part we would encourage participants to brings ideas and choose the biggest of them. 0/2

    • Is your idea really BIG ?
    • Validation for Success
  • E-commerce Marketing  We know 4Ps of Marketing and planning it well is pre-requisite to penetrate market well. Here we consider Ps that must be planned before we start our online business. 0/3

    • Product
    • Pricing
    • Promotion
  • Market Analysis  While we have decided to start our online business, analyzing the market would help us the build the strategy that would be improve the chances of success. 0/3

    • Market drivers
    • Historical trends
    • What’s in for us ?
  • Business Plan  Finally we have come to the point where we have clear roadmap for our business and we need to bring it on the paper in structured and presentable manner. We would understand how to make a business plan. 0/2

    • Pre-requisites for successful e-commerce venture
    • Building the business plan
  • Business Strategy  Understanding what is business strategy and developing the blueprint of success 0/1

    • Understanding ecommerce strategies
  • Company Structure  Once we have our plan and strategy, now is the time to build an execution plan for it. We need to understand lot of other aspects to give the shape to our business plan 0/2

    • Business entities
    • Its Pros and Cons
  • Legal Compliances  Once we have our plan and strategy, now is the time to build an execution plan for it. We need to understand lot of other aspects to give the shape to our business plan 0/1

    • Legal Considerations for Ecommerce
  • Designing Launchpad  By now we would have got ready with a strong business plan for our venture. 0/1

    • Lets get ready for launch
  • Internet, Website and online presence  Now is the time for implementation of the business plan and we now learn to understand internet, website and how to build online presence. 0/3

    • Internet
    • Building an E-commerce website
    • Creating online presence
  • Online Marketing for E-Commerce  • Promotion is important to sell your products through your website and we would cover how to use internet to promote your products and website. 0/6

    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google Adwords
    • Analytics
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing  You can boost your business by building affiliate network other than your direct selling approach. 0/3

    • Understanding affiliates for business growth
    • Types of Affiliates
    • Integration with Affiliates
  • Taxation & Regulation  Understanding taxation and regulation guidelines would help you to plan better and eliminate any uncertainities. 0/2

    • Consideration for taxes
    • Government Regulation for E-commerce
  • Funds  We are sure you have arranged your savings to bootstrap the business but also consider other ways to raise funds. After all it would drive your business. 0/2

    • Ways of raising funds
    • Government schemes for startups
  • Investor Pitch  This is the test of what all you have learnt till now. You need VC or not but this would help you to bring more clarity and structure to your business. You want to sell it later on. 0/2

    • Preparation for raising funds
    • 5-min Elevator Pitch for Investors
  • Case Studies  0/2

    • Case Study 1
    • Case Study 2




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