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Looking for a job, consider AMAZON Trained Ecommerce Specialist (ATES) Freelancer

Amazon Trainer Ecommerce Specialist (ATES)

1.3 million youth need jobs every month, eight million a year, says World Bank report. Ecommerce jobs Amazon Trainer Ecommerce Specialist (ATES) can help.

As many as 18.3 million Indians were unemployed in 2017, and unemployment is projected to increase to 18.9 million by 2019, according to The World Employment and Social Outlook–Trends 2018 report by the International Labour Organisation, released on 22 January, 2018.

There is widespread resentment among youth with lack of employment opportunities in the country.

Ecommerce jobs Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist (ATES)

One answer to unemployed youth who is skilled and looking for an opportunity to earn money is becoming Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist  that is a certification and entrepreneur program launched by Amazon India to enable the youth of India.


Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) is a first of its kind entrepreneurship program launched by Amazon, which is aimed at providing business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. This program provides an opportunity to earn money with no limits.

In the blog we have discussed benefits by doing this program and what amount of money can an ATES earn under this program. Apart from earning money, you get a certificate from AMAZON India and expertise on operating amazon.in platform to assist sellers across India. Not only this unemployed youth would become the part of growing and large ecommerce industry exposing to immense opportunities both business and employment.

So if you do not have a job and looking out for one, you must consider this opportunity. You may never know, you are able to earn more than what you would expect from a Job. There are more than 8000+ ATES across India who are assisting sellers to sell on Amazon India and providing support.

Interested to become Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist (ATES), drop your details below.

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