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How 8000+ ATES across India are earning up to 3 Lac per month?

How 8000+ ATES across India are earning up to 3 Lac per month

8000+ ATES across India are earning up to 3 Lac per month. After discussing with a lot of successful people, we have realized how much you succeed also depends on the opportunity you get in life.

Having a right plan/opportunity that works

Opportunity knocks very softly so it is up to us to assess if the opportunity is best for us or not. How big the success is after pursuing the opportunity depends on how big it is? And how much earning potential is?

For all successful ATES, they tapped the opportunity as it came without wasting time, in the right way with full faith in its results.

Here, Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist is a big opportunity that you should not loose in doubt. It has a potential to become really big.

No idea or plan exists that gets you money without putting efforts

As an ATES, the only little effort you need to put is in finding the sellers who are not selling on Amazon platform and enable them to double or triple their business. There are several established ways to find such sellers and provide support to them while earning monthly income. With a little effort, you can earn huge income and get recognition in the society using ATES.

How much you earn as an ATES depends on the skills you have and the amount of time you can invest

ATES who are able to invest more time into it, earns more money. The amount of money could be multiplied with improved skills while working in this role. Typically, you need to have good selling skills when you are approaching the sellers. Other than sales, you also need to provide support to the sellers to launch the products. During the training program, you learn the skills you need to excel in this role.

Payout by Amazon has no upper limit

You can earn as huge as 3 Lac per month or even more. Refer this article to learn more about the Payout by Amazon

Let us help you out to build a plan to earn, the way 8000+ ATES across India are earning up to 3 Lac per month

For every seller you launch, you can earn up to Rs 75000 when the Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS) of the seller is more than Rs. 12.5 Lac. To have a GMS of more than Rs. 12.5 Lac, Seller would require getting 15 orders of Rs.1000 assumed value a day for 3 months (15X1000X90=13.5 Lac). Expecting 15 orders a day is a conservative figure for an Amazon platform on which millions of customers are buying the products. Even if we consider 2 weeks required to reach the momentum of 15 orders a day, then also the seller can earn (15X1000X75=11.25 Lac) and an ATES gets Rs. 50,000.

To earn a figure of Rs. 3 Lac, you need to enable just 6 sellers every month

ATES across India are launching more than 4 sellers a month. To know the payout structure in detail, please read Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist Payout structure.

You need to take the first step as all successful ATES started

Once you have tasted the first success, you will yourself be motivated to launch more sellers. It includes undergoing 2 days training program, launching the first seller and enabling him to do a Gross Merchandise Sale (GMS) of more than 12 Lakh in first 3 months time. As an ATES, you would have direct support from an account manager from Amazon India throughout the process. So, go ahead and launch the first seller to earn BIG money.

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