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What is Amazon trained eCommerce specialist ?

Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist Progro

Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist

Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) is an entrepreneurship program launched by Amazon India , which is aimed at providing business opportunities to Individuals who want to become Entrepreneurs or Freelancers. This program provides an opportunity to earn money with no limits by launching new sellers and helping existing sellers selling on Amazon.in.

For becoming an Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist you need to undergo a training program that covers all the aspects of Ecommerce Industry and also practically trains you to operate and manage seller accounts on Amazon India Ecommerce platform. This is only Freelance Business consulting opportunity in e-commerce that enables you to work at your own free will and time and also let you earn monthly income.

Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist ATES program is present only in India. India is a diverse country with sellers in each city/geography conducting business differently. Amazon as a conglomerate reaching out to sellers in different regions was not giving the desired effect. Amazon realized the need for personalized support to sellers from professionals with e-commerce knowledge and understanding of the local culture. Hence ATES program was born.

Becoming an entrepreneur – ATES start earning money by helping new sellers launch their business on Amazon.in . Post certification an ATES gets an opportunity to work with Amazon sellers  and help  them manage  their account on Amazon.in.

For new seller launches, the ATES look for leads of sellers not on Amazon using different mechanisms and launch the sellers and their products on the platform. For each seller launched Amazon pays ATES an incentive. For services to existing sellers, Amazon provides leads as and when available and after providing the services, sellers directly pay the ATES.

How do you become an ATES – Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist ?

You need to get trained by experts. Amazon India deliver such training through their official training partner Progro. The training program is structured over 2 days that covers Ecommerce Fundamentals, ATES Program, Seller Registration, Product cataloging and listings, Listing optimizations, Seller Launches, GTIN Exemption, Brand Registry, Amazon India policies and Seller Account management. This is a paid training program and can be attended Offline or Instructor Led Online from anywhere in India.

Post the training, you need to get certified by Amazon India by undergoing an evaluation. You need to pass the assessment exam to get the certificate from Amazon India to start working as Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES). You shall be assigned an Account Manage who would hand-hold you to on-board the sellers on Amazon India. You get paid by Amazon India for launching the sellers in your region or any seller across India.  You can also provide support to new or existing sellers and get paid by them.  This is how you become an entrepreneur and be your own boss, have flexible working time and location.

The amount of earnings you can make depends on skills you have and the amount of time you are able to invest. An ATES can earn monthly income from Amazon India.

The benefits of becoming Amazon Trained Ecommerce Specialist are many but these 9 benefits you should not ignore. 8000+ ATES across India is the testimony of the success of this program.

Register for the training program today. http://progro.in/course/amazon-trained-e-commerce-specialist-ates/

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